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The Princeton Seminary Bulletin is a publication of Princeton Theological Seminary. Begun in 1907 as a quarterly, the Bulletin moved to a publishing cycle of three times a year in 1946 and in 2008 to annual publication. After the 2010 issue, publication was suspended. Publication of the Bulletin 山东体彩网-竞彩足球resumed in 2015, continuing the annual frequency and digital issuance, but delivered through a new web site.

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Theology Today

Editor: Gordon S. Mikoski | Book Reviews Editor: Nancy J. Duff

Founded in 1944 at Princeton Theological Seminary, Theology Today 山东体彩网-竞彩足球is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal whose contributors include both emerging and established scholars. The editors seek to introduce to an ecumenical readership of academics and religious leaders significant new figures and movements in Christian theology, to foster intellectual encounters between Christianity and the other Abrahamic faiths, and to bring theological reflection and assessment into dialogue with emerging forms of church life and mission.


*External link, hosted at Sage Journals. Full content is accessible from the PTS network or from other institutions that subscribe to Theology Today. Other users might be limited to tables of contents, abstracts, or other descriptive information. Visitors to the Princeton Theological Seminary Library can read the journal in .

Archive of Past Journals

The Princeton Theological Seminary Library hosts a digitized collection of journals published by, or closely associated with, the Seminary from 1825 to the present.

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Author, Speaker, Ordained Minister

Danielle Shroyer, Class of 1999

山东体彩网-竞彩足球 “To be in a community where I got to hear so many different perspectives—that was profound for me. I’m grateful for the curiosity, for the practice of learning that was cultivated for me at Seminary.”

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